Hey, I’m Leo

You’ve probably come here expecting to see a list of credentials and reasons why I believe you should work with me. Let’s be real for minute, though. That list of credentials and degrees is important, and it might provide a basic assurance that I’m not some random guy who set up shop claiming to help, but it likely won’t give you any sense of why I’m different from the dozens of other therapists you could be working with, or why you should trust me with your most difficult and vulnerable moments. So, before we get to that, let me share with you a little about me.

In 2005, I was living overseas and enjoying the life of an expat when seemingly overnight I no longer recognized myself. I was losing weight, feeling sick nearly every day, and experiencing pain that had no discernible cause. Before long, I didn’t recognize my own body, much less trust it. It wasn’t until many sleepless nights later that I finally had some answers, though those answers didn’t come with a clean bill of health. Rather, this experience marked the beginning of my journey with auto-immune illness. It was the beginning of learning to adjust to a new “normal,” of learning to listen to my body, and becoming an advocate for my own health in ways I never had to before.

Why share any of this? Because we all want to know that there’s someone who can understand what we’re experiencing. I share this because I get it. I understand the fear of having, or not having, a diagnosis, the difficulty of inevitable life changes that come from these struggles, and the isolation that all too often comes from being surrounded by people who want to understand, but can’t. I get it, and I can help. As a therapist who walks the journey of chronic illness and the adjustments that follow, I have a unique perspective on the healing process, and a balanced understanding of the importance of addressing the whole person in the healing journey. I bring together my understanding of the challenges these concerns present, my years of experience and training, and your strengths, to help you move beyond the limitations of illness, pain, anxiety, and other challenges, into emotional wellness and peace. Together, we can create a path through your concerns defined by freedom, hope, and strength.


Now, about those credentials I mentioned above. I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor with more than 10 years of counseling experience in various capacities. I have training in therapy approaches backed by research including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART), clinical hypnosis, and mindfulness-based approaches. I’ve worked in a variety of settings, including community mental health centers, outpatient private practice, and non-profits, and I have served ages 4-65 during my years as a therapist. I love my work and consider it a privilege to walk with people on their journey to wellness.