Living with a chronic health condition or pain can be overwhelming, scary, and confusing. Perhaps at times you don’t recognize yourself anymore, and you wonder what new limitations the day might bring. You know these struggles are somehow behind your depressed and anxious feelings, and you feel alone…that no one understands. Right now, you may have more questions than answers, but one thing you know for sure is that you’d do anything to get your life back. The roller coaster of doctor visits, medication changes, and emotions is becoming too much and you’re ready to get off the roller coaster and feel grounded again. As a therapist who has experienced the difficulties of ongoing health challenges, I understand.

Whether your struggle is due to ongoing health concerns, current or past trauma, or simply overwhelming stress or anxiety, I understand the unique path that each person walks as they navigate these challenges. Using proven therapy approaches that are uniquely adjusted to fit your needs and lifestyle, I can help you reclaim your life.

Featuring a streamlined online intake process, I make it easy for you to schedule, fill out forms, and communicate with me securely. I offer both office based and online therapy options, as well as evening and weekend appointments to maximize your access to supportive therapy.

Let today be the beginning of your journey toward fulfillment and living beyond the boundaries of health challenges, stress, and anxiety. Call me for a free 15-minute consultation!