Managing Stress and Anxiety

Change Is Hard

Life rarely gives us warning that difficult transitions are coming, and when we experience them, it’s normal to think that we should be handling them better than we are. When we find ourselves in the midst of a significant change, it’s normal to feel unsettled and wonder about the best way to move forward. However, when your emotions reach the point that your quality of life is disrupted, it may be time to ask for help. Therapy can help you learn to cope with the anxiety and stress of change in positive and effective ways, help you understand and accept your feelings, and help you accept and make peace with the difficult aspects of change and life stages that cannot be changed.

Common Stressful Events

  • Births
  • Deaths
  • Relocation
  • Concerns related to aging
  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Job changes
  • Starting/Graduating from school
  • And many others

Therapy Can Help

Whether you’re experiencing stress or anxiety about a difficult transition, feeling lost and without direction, or simply overwhelmed with the options before you, I’m here to helpContact me today to discuss how I can help you navigate your current circumstances, and experience freedom and peace in the midst of change.