Those of us who live with chronic illness(es) are familiar with the unique challenges that come with our diagnosis. We’re used to the invisible nature of our struggles. The questioning faces of friends, family, and strangers are familiar. We have our “go to” responses for the questions that inevitably come up so routinely that we’ve developed a script. Often times we’ve accepted that we’re different…perhaps even alone. Yet, are we really?

Though it can feel isolating as we learn to navigate the muddy waters of chronic illness, I’d like to share a resource with you that challenges the idea that we’re alone in our journey…This Is Not What I Ordered. The brain child of Lauren Selfridge, this podcast is making space for the difficult conversations we need to be having. It’s shining a light on the possibility of full-hearted living with chronic illness. But, I believe it’s doing more than that. Lauren is creating a community, or rather, she’s giving an existing community, ours, a place to show up and say loudly and without hesitation, “We’re here!”

I’m a passionate supporter of this project because it speaks to me as a person with chronic illness on so many levels. But, it’s value isn’t limited to those with a diagnosis or a life altering condition. It speaks to the very core of who we are as people. It speaks to the beautiful and sometimes complicated relationships we have with our bodies and with each other. It speaks to our humanity. This is a podcast for everyone. If you’re struggling with life altering illness, are a care giver of someone who is, or your life is touched in any way by the experience of illness, this podcast is for you. If you sometimes look at yourself in the mirror and have a private dialogue with yourself about what you see, this podcast is for you. If you have capacity in your heart to feel, to love, to cherish, to grieve, to question, to hurt, to heal…this podcast is for you. If you wonder if this podcast is for you, let me assure you, my friend, this podcast and this community is for you. Will you join the conversation?



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